Pastor’s Journal

We are astonished at the changes taking place in our society. Parents are expressing frustration with raising children. Crime, broken homes, and lack of direction are plaguing us. America has lost her moral compass. What has happened to the America we so love?  I want to take some time and address solutions for the problems we face.

We are plagued today with many problems. Hollywood is pumping filth out over the airways and polluting our minds. Our public educational institutions are teaching our children that we came from monkeys, and we wonder why they act the way they do! Homosexuality is paraded as a healthy, normal lifestyle and is even promoted in our public education systems. 

Yet these are not the things that are destroying our country. The number one problem in America is lack of male leadership. God has ordained men to be leaders. We, as men, have been given by God the responsibility to lead, provide for, protect, and purify our homes. Men are failing in their roles as leaders in every institution – especially in the home. It takes a man to stand against the tide of corruption coming over the airways. It takes a man to take control of his two year old, not allowing him to rule the roost. It takes a man to get out and make a living and allow the mother to be the mother again, rather than having to shoulder the responsibility of bringing home the bacon.

Jeremiah 6:16 commands us to, “see and ask for the old paths”. Alexis De Tocqueville said, “When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.” If there is hope for America, we will have to go back to the Old Paths that made us great. Men must again become the leaders in society.

What has happened to our men? Why are they derelict of duty? We could certainly point a finger to many reasons. However; I want to look at the problem from a pastor’s stand point.

Someone has rightly said that the post World War II generation of parents failed in the art of child rearing – primarily in two areas. First, parents have become way too lenient, allowing their children to run with their peers and to experience things that are detrimental to their souls and lives. Secondly, parents have delegated away their God given responsibilities. God has given us the responsibility to make sure that our children have an adequate education. We are to teach them how to make, spend, save, and give away money. Also, we are to equip them for marriage. Last, but not least, we have the awesome responsibility for their spiritual welfare.

For the most part parents have delegated the spiritual responsibility over to the church.

The church cannot take the place of parents in training up a child in the way he should go. Typically, we come to the church house as a family, and upon entering; we separate and go different ways: little Johnny to his class, Susie to her class, and mom and dad to their perspective classes. The church has divided the children and parents. The church has not equipped nor held fathers accountable for the spiritual health of his family. Mother conveniently drops off her two year old at the nursery so she does not have to be pained with the ill behavior of her child in a church service. Most generally she has not done her job at home, and the child could not and would not sit still for two minutes in a church service. She, just like daddy, has delegated her responsibility to a nursery worker who cannot replace the care and concern of a loving mother.

The most faithful church members are in church three or four hours a week. The church cannot be accountable in that short time for the spiritual condition of our youth.  

We do not find the modern day Sunday School model in Scripture.

If there is hope for the next generation, we as men must take responsibility for our homes. Ephesians 6:4- And, ye fathers provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.